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Whats uuuuuuuup.

4/3/13 by GolaPupa

How's it going, guys?

Just wanted to give you guys a little update. I would say that I kinda finaly have this feeling how to make cool electronic music! I wouldn't say I'm a pro, though.
I think I still need to learn a lot about making music, so please have a listen to my new track Shake It!.
I tryed to experiment with vocals and this is the final result. Also I learned how to mix a track right, like putting the bassline in 4 different parts in the mixer and link them, so that you can edit for example only the high parts without changing the low parts of the bassline. It ist really hard to explain. Also I would like to thank you for listening to my music and for giving me feedback, it always helps me getting on the right track.
Thats it for today! Stay tuned and don't forget to leave some feedback!



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Going good! Will leave a review.

7/20/13 GolaPupa responds:

Thanks :3